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Glitterflops® are Hand Embellished in Whitesboro Texas.

Made from the finest leathers and Memory Foam Rubber.

GlitterFlops® are now sold in over 40 states and are also available in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Virgin Islands

All Glitterflops® are Embellished with genuine Swarovski® elements.

Glitterflops® come with a 6 Month Warranty!

The Clothes Horse

Who is the Texas Crystal Company and Glitterflops®?

Started by Georgia Thomas in March 2006, the Texas Crystal Company began with Georgia's first product, the GlitterCap.

College student, wife, mother of four, horse trainer, riding instructor, Ohioan, Texan, NRHA judge, cancer patient, cancer survivor, hat supplier, grandmother, foot surgery, three back surgeries; all of these paths have led to the new path that Georgia Thomas has chosen to follow, flip flop designer. Having succeeded in and survived all of her past endeavors, Georgia did not hesitate when she found a need for her chemocaps. While undergoing chemotherapy, Georgia started selling her hats to cancer boutiques all over the country. The hats were a success because they were pretty, comfortable and affordable. They made the women feel good at a time when feeling good is so important. Because of the hats, finding a need and filling it after her foot surgery was an easy path to follow.

This wonderful flip flop full of memory foam and an arch support that offered such relief to her feet presented itself and Georgia seeing its potential brought it back into production. “There is no reason women can’t have comfort and style.” With this thought in mind Georgia began the process of designing jewelry for her shoes. They became an instant success and now Georgia and her girls hand decorate over 30 different designs. There was a need indeed!.